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Urgent action needed in flood-affected areas

The Indian Action Committee (IAC) is shocked and horrified at the reports of severe flooding coming from citizens living on the East Coast of Demerara between villages of Cummings Lodge and Lusignan; throughout the entire length of Region Six; and the Pomeroon including Charity.

The IAC is calling upon the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Communities and the relevant NDC’s to take prompt steps to mitigate this disaster and provide relief to those affected.

The IAC is also calling upon the Ministry of Health to send medical teams into the flood affected areas to assess the spread of water borne diseases into these communities especially leptospirosis which was responsible for the deaths of many persons during the great flood of 2005.

The IAC is urging those affected by the flood to take necessary precautions to protect their health; to prevent accidental electrocution by turning off electrical power; to remove any animals to higher ground and assist each other while paying extra attention to the elderly and the needy.

The IAC calls upon the media houses in conjunction with the various relevant ministries to make timely public service announcement on this important matter.

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