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Statement on IAC Activities 2015

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) is a non profit, non governmental organisation established in 2003 to deal with issues and concerns of persons of Indo Guyanese origin and promote Indian Culture in all its aspects throughout Guyana.

The Indian Arrival Committee over the years has highlighted the history of the Arrival of East Indians in this country being with the arrival of the ships Whitby and Hesperus 5th May 1838, some 177 years ago. Infact, a total of 245 ships which made a total of 534 voyages across the KaalaPani landed just over 239,000 persons alive, the vast majority of the indentured labourers.

The IAC championed the efforts to have May 5 being recognized and declared a national holiday by the national assembly of Guyana.

Over the past decade, the IAC has become well known mainly for its grand cultural Mela’s which are held in Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara. Also, the IAC engages in other commemorative cultural activities throughout the year to highlight Indian culture, religion, festivals and paying tribute to those who have made sacrifice or were victims of different forms of exploitation.

The IAC,this year,will be holding three Hamara Guyana Concerts. The first is on Friday May 1 at the National Stadium, Providence, inclusive of a CHOKA FEST, Saturday May 2 at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground, Essequibo and Tuesday May 5 (National Holiday) at the Albion Sports Complex in Berbice. Gates open from 15 hrs.

The HAMARA GUYANA Concerts will have a number of International artistes as well as overseas based Guyanese who are returining specifically to perform at these concerts.These artistes include our very own Terry Gajraj and Marissa Deodat along with top local singers and dancers. There will also be special appearances by KI and his full Band along with Sally Sargam out of Trinidad and Tobago at the National Stadium. Sally Sargam and NevalChatelal will be performing at Albion while Sally and another top young Trinidad artiste will be on in Essequibo.

Other featured attraction will include A Choka Fest at the National Stadium which will see a wide variety of Chokas along with Seven Curry food booths, special delicacies out of India, a wide range of sweetmeats and non alcoholic beverages. There will be free mehendi and face painting from 17hrs – 19hrs at the events along with lots of games and fun activities for the children. There will be various exhibits to showcase the three major religion of Guyana as well as various aspects of the Indian Cultural and Yoga demonstration.Admission: Adult – $500 and Children FREE. Vehicle parking will be free at the National Stadium. All our events are family oriented with No alcohol allowed.

We encourage you to bring out your entire family and lets celebrate this rich culture and tradition that our fore-parents have handed down to us at the HAMARA GUYANA CONCERTS 2015.

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