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Incident yet another reason for the establishment of the ERC

The Indian Action Committee (IAC) has noted media reports of alleged racial utterances purportedly attributed to the President’s Press Officer. Given the uneasiness, such alleged comments can precipitate and the negative impact it can have on the fragile fabric of social harmony, the IAC reiterates it’s another reason for the urgent establishment of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC).

The IAC, while welcoming the investigation reportedly launched into the incident, is gravely concerned given what is in the public domain. It, therefore, urges that the investigation be conducted thoroughly, unhindered, swiftly and its findings made public soonest for such incidents can have national ramifications especially given its reported source.

The IAC wishes to unequivocally state its condemnation of anyone who resorts to the use of racial slurs and racial bashing in reference to and during engagements with others. In addition, these alleged utterances unnecessarily bring to bear humiliation on those targeted.

Such actions have no place in society and have over time proven its potential in the sowing discord. The IAC calls on all organizations to ensure its members, agents or representatives do not indulge in such actions and should be expelled if found responsible.

The IAC believes that mixed messages are being sent through the alleged transgression by someone with direct access to the Head of State who established the Ministry of Social Cohesion with its mandate an administrative priority.

The IAC takes this opportunity to remind that all, especially those who hold public offices, have a national responsibility not to engage in any activity or place comments in the public domain that threatens peace and harmony.

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