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Scores turn out to participate in IAC Cancer Awareness and Health Fair

The Indian Action (formerly Arrival) Committee (IAC) in collaboration with the Texilla American University and Cancer Institute of Guyana today hosted its Cancer Awareness and Health Fair which saw scores in attendance.

Doctor Raveendranath Ichlangod from the Cancer Institute of Guyana and Doctor Sayan Chakraborty among a few medical students and nurses from the Texilla American University came out and engaged the public in several health services as they provide also vital information on the various health issues and concerns that persons are plagued with.

Persons of all age groups came out and get themselves checked, some of them also highlighted that they were happy about the initiative that IAC has undertaken and is hoping that it would be an annual event which will tend to bring together the society as a whole.

Tests such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Blood Mass Index among others were conducted. Flyers and brochures on numerous health issues especially on Cancer were also distributed to the public.

As the doctors began to educate persons on Cancer and its symptoms, they indicated that they do regular checkups after all; treating this chronic disease from an early stage can assist in some form of way. It was iterated that many people with breast cancer do very well after treatment. The important thing however, is to take the required medicines as directed and follow all the doctors’ instructions about visits and tests. It’s also important to talk to your doctor about any side effects or problems you have during treatment.

Doctor Chakraborty noted that getting treated for breast cancer involves making many choices. Besides choosing which surgery to have, you might have to choose which medicines to take and when. She encouraged all the persons to get themselves checked and those that are diagnosed with this disease to take the necessary precautions.

Over the past years, IAC has been reaching out to the public however, for the first time the Committee has decided to progress towards a health programme and is encouraged by the huge support it was able to attain. It is the belief of its members, to have this event as an annual one however; there is need for the continued support of the public and private organisations in the various out reaches.

In light of this, the IAC would like to extend sincere thanks to the Texilla American University and the Cancer Institute of Guyana for their tremendous support in making this event a successful one.

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