Highlights on Past Events and Opportunities to look forward to

The Indian Action (formerly arrival) Committee (IAC) will endeavor to get persons involve in the field of Drama, Music Classes as well as educational sessions that will seek to equip persons with the knowledge about their history and ancestry background. In addition, a television programme will soon be aired once per week and which will seek to address the issues of concerns persons are plagued with.

The IAC, with much success, used music, drama and other related activities to foster awareness of the Indian Culture and reinstilled the sense of pride which today is being worn as a badge of honour. The annual Melas held in all three countries to celebrate and commemorate Indian arrival have become much anticipated events as is the case of the theatrical presentations staged in the city.

These events have allowed Guyanese from all strata of society to experience the cultural traditions through entertainment, cuisine and arts and craft. It also provided a platform for local talent and has led to the formation of numerous cultural groups with the main objective of preserving what the Indian ancestors sacrificed for.

Some of the events hosted by the IAC over the years, have seen participation of various groups from India which helped in the strengthening of relationship between the two countries and for each to experience how the culture is preserved in the land of its origin and to where it continues to blossom.

From its inception, the IAC has been gearing towards several outreaches, melas, mega concerts, food fair, stage play and fashion shows with the intention of bringing together its people and ensuring an environment of tranquility and peace.

It is with great anticipation that the IAC will be able to go forth with its outlined objectives and that too with the continued assistance of the various private and public institutions. On this note, we would also like to encourage all to come on board and join with the IAC as we progress towards the promoting of our culture and addressing of issues on a wider spectrum.