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IAC urges government to remain steadfast to its call for unity and inclusivity; Opposition vigilance ‎in Parliament needed now

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC), having taken note of government’s appointments of public officers, is of the firm view that the manner in which it is being conducted is in stark contrast of the coalition’s promises of inclusivity.

Based on the appointments so far, it is clear that only persons from one particular ethnicity are being given the opportunity to serve. Whilst the IAC is cognizant of the government’s right to appoint persons of its choice, the organization believes that ethnic sensitivities cannot be ignored.

This emerging worrisome trend demands more than ever that the elected Opposition PPP/C takes up its seats in the National Assembly without any delays even as it addresses its grievances regarding GECOM and the 2015 elections.

The government with its one-seat majority and victory of only 4000 votes must not be allowed to rule for just one segment of our society or one particular ethnic group. This can only be ensured if there is a vigilant parliamentary opposition from the inception.

When in the Opposition, the APNU + AFC coalition, having being aware of Guyana’s multi-ethnic composition, focused its campaign on the need for unity and for all to be involved to materialize the envisaged change which was touted. Unfortunately, now that the coalition is the government, the IAC is so far unimpressed with attention being given to Guyanese of other ethnicities particularly Indo-Guyanese. If for some reason this may have been an oversight, the IAC urges the government to demonstrate a profound sense of tolerance for all and to respectfully make amends given that it is still early days for the new Administration.

Further, the IAC is very mindful of the many professional Guyanese who have been fired from their jobs and of the vast number of those who will face a similar fate shortly. Here again, it seemingly demonstrates the government’s reluctance to adhere to what it articulated in the campaign and even through its current public utterances.

Recently, the IAC in congratulating the government following its ascension to office and having noted its willingness to work with the Administration of the day, commended the coalition for the position taken on national unity and the stringent need to strengthen social and racial harmony and the banishment of hatred. Therein lies the reason for the IAC’s disappointment which must be seen in the context of a noticeable departure from these principles for the appointments in question. The organization therefore urges the government to reexamine its current appointment policies which must be governed by the promises articulated during the campaign.

The IAC wishes to reiterate, that while it remains steadfastly committed to working with the government of the day in helping to build a harmonious society, it will not surrender its right to advocate when it believes that injustice has been meted out to Guyanese. In addition, the IAC will continue to do its bit in helping to find solutions to mitigate the many social challenges our society face.

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