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The Indian Action Committee (IAC) extends Diwali greetings to the entire nation, especially persons who are adherents of Sanatana Dharma on the occasion of the now global festival of Deepavali or Diwali. Deepavali means a row of lights from the words deep (light) and avali (row); this festival is physically characterized by homes being illuminated during the dark hours by rose of lit deeyas.

The Goddess Maha Latchmi is revered at this time and is believed to bestow wealth and prosperity upon all of her devotees.

The bright lights of Diwali are considered to signify the illuminatory power of knowledge which destroys the darkness of ignorance and also to represent the triumph of good over evil.

The IAC realizes that Diwali of 2017 is very significant coming at the time when there is uncertainty facing many families given present economic difficulties, particularly in the sugar and rice industries.

The IAC is calling upon the various Hindu organizations to agree upon one date for Diwali in 2018.

The IAC calls upon all Guyanese to respect the sanctity of Diwali and engage in appropriate and fitting observances and activities.

Shubh Diwali to all Guyanese.




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