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IAC condemns the abusive behavior of Dr. Bheri Ramsaran

The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) is shocked and outraged at and condemns the abusive behavior in public demonstrated by Dr. BheriRamsaran, Minister of Health, against an Indo- Guyanese female outside of the Whim Magistrate Court in Region 6. The IAC strongly believes that this behavior exhibited by Dr. Ramsaran is dishonorable and unwarranted, not befitting anyone especially highly-placed minister of the government and member of the National Assembly.

The IAC calls upon Dr. Ramsaran to erase, his dishonor by immediately and honorably submitting his resignation as Minister of Health to His Excellency President Donald RabindranauthRamoutar.

The IAC recognizes however, the sterling endeavours of Dr. BheriRamsaran to the improvement of the health sector in Guyana during both his tenure as director of Regional Health Services and Subsequently as Minister of Health of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana. The IAC recognizes also that Dr. Ramsaran has been campaigning vigorously on behalf of the PPP/C and believes that all of these strenuous efforts have taken a toll on him and has resulted in his inexcusable behavior. The IAC however cannot condone such egregious behavior especially by one who is elected to serve the people and strongly feels that Dr. Ramsaran’s resignation will set an extremely high standard for other public officials to follow.

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