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IAC Christmas Message 2017

Press Release

The Indian Action Committee (IAC), during this holiday season, regarding the national holidays of Christmas and Boxing Day wishes to send greetings to all Guyanese, especially those who are adherents of Christianity.

The IAC recognizes that hundreds of millions of persons across the globe venerate Jesus Christ, a Jewish carpenter and member of the local working class and preacher who was one of many teachers throughout history who brought the message of peace, unity and brotherhood among all peoples regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, class and whose birthday is traditionally celebrated on Christmas day (December 25).

The IAC also recognizes the historical tradition of Jesus Christ being venerated as the prophet Isa by adherents of Islam and Shri Yesu Bhagwan was adherents of Sanatan Dharm.

The IAC understands that Christmas in Guyana has been celebrated since the advent of colonization of this land by the Dutch in the early 1600s.

The IAC also understands that these holidays are marked by excessive consumption of alcohol and therefore is calling upon all Guyanese who imbibe to do so with caution and to maintain appropriate and acceptable behaviour while obeying the laws of Guyana, especially while driving on the roadways.

The IAC is aware that many persons have criticized the commercialization of Christmas, but the organization recognizes that tens of thousands of Guyanese businesses, large and small, depend on the holiday season for enhanced sales which, in turn, allows tens of thousands of citizens to be gainfully employed.

The IAC is aware, also, that the current serious economic problems in Guyana, very likely, will significantly affect business negatively thus leading to increased poverty and a concomitant increase in crime during the holiday period, and so the organization calls on the citizenry to remain vigilant and careful in financial transactions, especially where large amounts of cash are carried around, and to be on the lookout for carjackers.

The IAC wishes all Guyanese a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day.

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