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IAC calls for the hemorrhaging of innocent lives by crime to cease


The Indian Action Committee (IAC), like all Guyanese, is horrified at the deaths of the elderly East Bank Essequibo couple, seventy-five year-old Mohammed Munir, and his wife, sixty-nine year-old Jamila Munir, who perished after their home was allegedly set ablaze.

The IAC understands that the unsuspecting rice-farming couple was attacked by bandits just before their home was on fire. Reports suggest that the home was deliberately set ablaze by bandits.

This horrific incident is yet another example of heinous crimes that continue to be meted out to innocent Guyanese at the hands of merciless bandits. These incidents which seemingly appear unabated continue to drive fear into the hearts of Guyanese.

The IAC has also learnt that a twenty-six year-old businessman, Mahendra Persaud, of Wakenaam, Essequibo, lost his life earlier today in Georgetown after being attacked and robbed by an armed bandit.

These are just the most recent incidents of attacks in a continuous spate of crimes against Guyanese.

The IAC cannot help in noticing that these attacks, some of which results in deaths, are perpetrated largely against Indo-Guyanese. In this regard, the IAC believes that it would not be unreasonable to suggest that Indo-Guyanese appear to be targeted by heartless criminals.

The IAC, in forthrightly condemning these latest incidents, calls on the authorities to immediately implement effective security measures to curb these attacks on Guyanese.

Also, the IAC urges the authority to ensure that the security of the populace is given utmost priority as promised and believes that the fear that continues to be instilled into the hearts of the citizenry can no longer be tolerated.

The IAC, having expressed these sentiments in the past, can only hope, like all Guyanese, the counter measures would be implemented as swiftly as possible so as to cease the hemorrhaging of innocent lives.

The IAC takes this opportunity to express its deepest condolences to the immediate family and relatives of the victims and calls on civil society to join in its call.


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