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IAC calls for suspension of parking meter fiasco


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) is in agreement with the establishment of Parking Meters in the city of Georgetown in the long term but the organization is not in favour of the current agreement between the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and the overseas investors.

The IAC is of the firm opinion that this agreement is an egregious and exploitative one in which the vast majority of the economic benefits do not accrue to the people of Guyana but to the overseas investors instead.

The IAC is of the strong belief that the current agreement must be abrogated and that the M&CC seek out a new partner in order to ensure a much better deal for the citizens of Guyana especially those who reside in the city of Georgetown.

The IAC further believes that an economic analysis must be carried out by an independent financial and accounting body so as to determine the feasibility of such a project and that the results of this including a cost-benefit analysis be published and presented to the people of Guyana to ensure transparency and accountability.

The IAC is shocked and outraged by the blatant and illegal actions of the M&CC and their foreign counterparts in initiating this project without having the enabling By-Laws in place to commence.

The IAC is horrified that this “Mafia like” behavior has resulted in the immobilization of motor vehicles including that of a former President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The IAC calls upon the M&CC to immediately suspend this disastrous project in the name of decency, national unity and social cohesion.

The IAC, in conclusion, calls upon H.E. President David Granger to swiftly launch a Commission of Inquiry into this fiasco.









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