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Guyanese lives matter: IAC calls on authority to protect citizens from bandits


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) once again wishes to voice its concerns over the continuous spate of crime perpetrated unabatedly across the country.  The IAC is not unmindful of the daily multiple reports in the media of horrendous crime committed on Guyanese.

The IAC is also not unmindful that what is reported in the media may not accurately reflect the true situation regarding the actual number of crimes committed. Since many go unreported, the figure could be much higher. This alarming trend which appears unstoppable cannot be allowed to continue. Guyanese will accept nothing less.

The criminals and their gangs responsible for unleashing and sustaining this spate of terror have instilled untold fear into the hearts and minds of Guyanese. The citizenry is now besieged as fear continues to grip the nation.

Members of the public and their families no longer appear to be safe in their homes, day or night, or when traversing the streets. Also businesses continued to be targeted by these armed marauding and merciless bandits who do not hesitate to inflict bodily harm on the unsuspecting victims some of whom have lost their lives.

The resulting losses, pains and sufferings are incalculable while insurmountable psychological fear permeates throughout. Given what continues to transpire, the management of the responses to combat crime cannot escape being questioned. The IAC is adamant that more has to be done.

There must be no ambiguity regarding the safety of the citizens; it is foremost. The IAC therefore repeats its call for those in authority to immediately implement additional measures and intensify current ones to have this frightening crime situation brought under control.

The devastating impact it has precipitated, is not just confined to the trauma experienced by the citizens, but also has profoundly negative effects on businesses and continues to be a deterrent to potential investors.  By extension, the slothfulness of the economy would be further exacerbated if businesses were forced to be contracted as they continue to be targeted by ruthless bandits.

The IAC has also been made aware that some Guyanese, who possess the means, are fleeing the country in an effort to seek safety of themselves and families. It appears as a sense of déjà vu alluding to when many were forced to escape during the dark and oppressive period of our history.

The IAC wishes to bring to the attention of the authorities that Guyanese lives matter and every available resource must be expended forthwith to curb this crime wave.

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