The Indian Action Committee, formerly known as the Indian Arrival Committee, has over the years made significant contributions for the advancement of the Indo-Guyanese community and Guyana as a whole. Since its establishment in 2003 members of the organization have expended numerous efforts in fostering and promoting the various aspects of Indian culture for its preservation.

This has been achieved through various mechanisms including cultural activities, education and outreach programs with the involvement of the society at large.

In re-examining its mandate, it has been noted that under the banner of “arrival” the work of the organization has been vastly expanded since 2003. Therefore, as a consideration, while arrival related activities were extremely relevant over the years, the current diverse approach of the organization has in many ways has outlived that brand.

Following discussions, it is proposed that the organization rebrand itself as the Indian Action Committee which would more accurately reflect its program of activities.

In addition to arrival day activities, the IAC has taken national positions on Social Issues with proposals for their resolutions such as Suicide, Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse etc. The organization has also added its voice on pertinent political issues and continues to represent the Indo-Guyanese who have been intimidated, victimized, marginalized, and traumatized especially as a result of crime.