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Enmore Martyrs’ Day 2017


The Indian Action Committee (IAC) wishes to join with all Guyanese in commemorating the 69th Anniversary of the five Enmore Martyrs, Lallabajee, Pooran, Harry (Jug), Surujbally and Rambarran who were brutally murdered by Colonial Police Personnel.

The IAC recognizes that this historical event was the catalyst that led to the formation of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in 1950 and was the impetus for the said Party to push for the political independence of British Guiana.

The IAC also recognizes that the Martyrdom of these five Enmore sugar estate workers was the last of a number of such brutal events perpetrated by the colonial authorities on sugar workers, beginning with the Martyrdom of the five Devonshire Castle sugar estate workers in 1872.

The IAC acknowledges that throughout the colonial history of Guyana, a large number of sugar workers, including those of Indian Origin, suffered greatly in dehumanizing conditions during their working lives on the Sugar Plantations which were geared to produce immense profits for their foreign owners.

The IAC urges that the struggles of the five not be forgotten.



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